Clickety-clack of   SPECIALIZED Bratislava Slovak

Criticism for ignoring my complaint!

Why I regret the purchase of my bike in the SPECIALIZED Concept Store Bratislava, Bajkalská 9?

Long story short: after I discovered that my new bike is defect, I tried to repair it (apply for warranty) with no success. The whole process took one and half year, incloodig unsecsusfall trials to repair it till the final denial when I claimed my waranty repairs. Slovak national market supervision advised to pass the issue to the court ?. At the end there is nothing else left, as choose your retailer carefully not only according to prize but also the quality of service provided.

The sound coming from a crank become the background of all my bike trips in the last season.  After multiple trials to have it repaired in the retailer, it is now clear to me that unless I buy a new crank set, my bike will not be repaired (even though it is still under warranty!). How can this happen, how can one buy a faulty bike and cannot claim the warranty? Well, actually it’s quite easy:

1Day one: getting a new bike… nice!

2after 50km comes the first clickety clack…

3getting back for a scheduled control – reporting the issue. After the repair my bike wasn´t any better. Dissapointing.

4By the next visit in the specialized repair shop I’m advised ( by a specialized technician), to buy a new basic Shimano crank – advice based on his own experience . As this problem was present from the beginning, I wanted my crank to be repaired and not to pay for a new one so that wasn’t an option.

5clickety – clack goes on…

6…as well as my visits to the repair shop.

7if you want to claim your warranty, we can’t be sure how long it takes, might be longer to get the bike back from Prague or even Holland. But I can repair it now here… (30 Eur …next time 60 Eur …etc)

!An important notice! As I am no professional, before each service I had consulted what was to be done to keep the bike in a good shape. Here and there  some parts were changed... a normal  service.

8but clickety – clack goes on…

9”OK, service won´t do. I have to claim the warranty and risk a longer time without my bike…“

10Sorry, we can’t take your warranty claim because you haven’t done  your annual service check.  Sorry, but there is nothing we can do for you now unless you pay us to repair your bike first. Solved!
! An important note: To be precise, this last time the bike was actualy accepted for a repair within the varanty, with recognized problem in crank. After two days it was returned as “repaird” (as usual). I’ve signed the papers and took the bike to chceck the results. After a few meters it was clear that the problem is still there, but they wouldn´t take it back unless I order my anual service check. (within that year I was there at leas 5 times, asking also for normal bike maitnance if necessary – I had no idea one has to ask exactly for „anual check“ ) (of course if they find a problem during this service I have to pay for it!).
11 Next step was the Slovak national market supervision – the result of the inquiry: „The retailer haven´ t completely fulfill their duties and in case there was a financial loss on my side, I can pass this issue to the court...“

12 No thank you, I’m not going to spend any more money on this bike.



In the end, I still have my clickety-clack specialized bike, soon without the warranty. The whole issue took one and a half year with no result (travelling costs alone would at least equal the price of a new crank, not to mention the time spent...)

So at the end, I can only say that my experience with the warranty service in the Concept Store in Bajkalska 9 is terrible, a big dissapointment with the service as well as the customer approach! The only true advice was the one from the specialized technician – „buy a Shimano cranck, it´s an  easy way out“.

PS qotation of the owner:.. you know our servicemans are simple boys (they don’t even know you have to do “anual chceck”), they are no prefesionals in repairing roadbikes, I have to take it to Kaktus bike store... (tells a lot)

Because I do not want to judge with SPECIALIZED Bratislava, at least let others know what their service practices are like...